Up to Pardatschgrat at top speed

F1 Velilleck chairlift in Ischgl

Higher, faster, further: This could be the motto of the latest star among the Silvretta lifts and cable cars. After all, the new Velilleck chairlift, which will take winter sports athletes up to summit joy as of the 2019/2010 winter season, sets new standards in many ways.

In the summer of 2019, the cable car company Silvrettaseilbahn AG invested in a top-class chairlift with hoods. Technology, design, comfort – the new Velilleck chairlift has it all! 

 From old …

The powerful Velilleck chairlift, which is about to take guests up to lofty heights, once started out quite small.

In 1978, in order to relieve the load on the Höllboden T-bar lift, a chairlift was built from
Höllboden up to Idalp. This 2-seat chairlift was replaced in 1989 by a fixed-grip 4-seat
chairlift.The 2-seat chairlift was re-erected in 1993 as the Velilleck chairlift and was put into service
on 26 December of that year

Small but mighty: From its early days in the 70s, the reliable chairlift carried around 14 million people!

Specifications at a glance

2-CLF Velilleck F1 (1993-2019)

… to new!

After so many guests, it was finally time to say goodbye to the old chairlift in 2019. In its place, the brand-new F1 Velilleck chairlift will take up operation in the winter of 2019/2020 – and is sure to turn some heads!

After all, the new Velilleck chairlift not only boasts ergonomic, heated seats and maximum comfort – with 6 m/s it’s also the fastest chairlift of the entire Silvretta Arena!

What’s more, the plant prints on the backs of the chairs make the lift a real eye-catcher and every seat unique. 

The F1 Velilleck chairlift in a nutshell:

  • route: from the new valley station at slope No. 7 via 16 round-pipe pillars up to Pardatschgrat
  • elevation difference: 572 m
  • record-breaking: fastest chairlift of the entire Silvretta Arena (6 m/s)
  • travel time: approx. 5.92 min
  • particularly low in noise and vibration
  • ergonomically shaped individual seats (520 mm) 
  • extra comfortable padding
  • heated seats
  • weather-protection hoods
  • optimised safety restraining bars
  • every seat an eye-catcher: with charming prints of local plants 

Velilleckbahn F1

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Velilleckbahn (Building year 2019)

Specifications at a glance

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