Skiers enjoy the day in the ski resort in front of the mountain backdrop of Paznaun

How to get to the holiday resort Ischgl in Tyrol

Your journey to Ischgl in Tyrol

Off to Ischgl! The holiday is booked, the excitement rises. Find out how to get to the ski mecca Ischgl and spend a great holiday in the Tyrolean mountains. No matter if you’re travelling by car, train, bus or plane – all roads lead to … Ischgl!

“Herzlich wilkommen” – arriving by car from Germany

  • You’re travelling south via the German A7 or A95 motorways? Then you should take the Fernpassbundesstraße (B197) in Tyrol and continue along via Imst and Landeck to the A12 and finally to the Arlbergschnellstraße (S16). Take exit Pians and follow the Silvretta Bundesstraße (B188) to Ischgl.
  • If you’re starting your journey from the German A93 motorway towards Innsbruck, take the Austrian Inntal motorway (A12) via Kufstein, Innsbruck and Landeck. Continue on the Arlbergschnellstraße (S16) and take exit Pians. Then follow the Silvretta Bundesstraße (B188) towards Ischgl.
  • The German A96 motorway towards Lindau will also take you to Ischgl. On the Austrian motorway A14, continue along to Brengenz, Feldkirch. Via the Arlbergtunnel, continue on to the S16. Take exit Pians and follow the Silvretta Bundesstraße (B188) to Ischgl. Tip: In summer, you should leave the motorway in Bludenz already and enjoy the stunning view from the Silvretta High Alpine road.

“Ciao bella” – arriving by car from Italy

  • You’re starting from the A22 motorway north? Via the Brenner Pass, you’ll continue onto the Austrian A13 motorway. In Innsbruck, take the A12 motorway and then the S16 until Galtür. Via the Silvretta Bundesstraße (B188), head towards See, Kappl, Ischgl and Galtür.
  • Off to Ischgl! Take the SS40 north via the Reschen Pass to get to the B180 in Austria. Drive past Nauders and Landeck and continue on the S16 towards Bregenz. Then take exit Pians and continue on the Silvretta Bundesstraße (B188) towards See, Kappl, Ischgl and Galtür.

“Gruezi” – arriving by car from Switzerland

  • Coming from Switzerland, take the A3 to Feldkirch or the A1 to Lustenau and Dornbirn. From there, continue along on the A14 towards Innsbruck. Pass the Arlberg tunnel and take the S16 until exit Pians. You don’t have far from there – via the Silvretta Bundesstraße (B188), you’ll reach Paznaun – Ischgl.

Arriving by train or bus

You prefer to travel a little more stress-free? Simply book a train ticket and take the train to Landeck-Zams. From there, you can take bus number 260 towards Paznaun. The ride takes about an hour – plenty of time to enjoy the view of the stunning mountain scenery!

schedule Landeck - See - Kappl - Ischgl - Galtür 21.12.2019 - 03.05.2020

Arriving by plane

You’re coming from farther away? Just travel by plane! The nearest airport is in Innsbruck. From there, you can take the bus, train or a taxi to Ischgl. And you can rent a car, too, of course.

Arriving by Taxi

Our taxi companies are your partners for your holidays and will take you to Ischgl, Kappl, See and Galtür from any surrounding train station or airport.

Good to know:

Tips for your journey to Ischgl

  • Additional charges on the motorways: Austrian highways operate on a toll system, so don’t forget to purchase a toll sticker (“Vignette”). It’s available at all border crossings, gas stations and the Austrian ÖAMTC offices. Depending on the duration of your stay, there are different types of toll stickers available. Mind you: there is another toll that has to be paid at the Arlbergtunnel!
  • Correct behaviour during traffic jams: In Austria, cars need to form a so-called emergency corridor in the case of a traffic jam. This makes it possible for the police, ambulance and fire brigade to quickly get to the scene of an accident. That means: all cars in the left lane keep left and all others pull all the way over to the right. The service lane is supposed to be used as well!
  • Safety: From November to April, winter tyres are obligatory in Austria. Depending on weather conditions, cars have to have snow chains on board as well. Additionally, people who exit their car during a breakdown or accident need to wear a high-visibility vest.
  • Travel times and traffic updates: Plan your journey carefully and inform yourself ahead of time about the current traffic situation. Saturdays are usually the heaviest traffic days.

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