Go exploring in Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl and See

Treasure hunts in the Paznaun valley

Explore the stunning landscape of Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl and See and go on a treasure hunt through the Paznaun valley! Every one of the four villages holds a special challenge, requiring you to solve a riddle during a fun hike.

The starting points of the treasure hunts are at the respective mountain stations of the local cable cars and at Ischgl’s middle station respectively. All tours finish down in the valley. If you manage to unravel the mystery, a share of the big treasure is waiting for you at the respective Tourist Office.

The four treasure hunts at a glance

Treasure hunt around Silvapark in Galtür

Along the route from the mountain station of Alpkogelbahn cable car to the Wirl district down in the valley, you have to find nine small boxes containing clues. The boxes contain relics that were lost by pirates a long time ago and that will help you to open the treasure trove. To master the challenge, you will have to place the individual letters in the right order.

Treasure hunt around Fimbabach in Ischgl

In Ischgl, you have to solve the mystery surrounding the treasure of Fimbabach river. Your search will take you past Ischgl SKYFLY and the suspension bridges of Bärafalla and Kitzloch. During your hike, you have to collect individual letters at different spots along the way, which you need to solve the riddle.

Sunny Mountain treasure hunt in Kappl

Flaxi, the mountain dwarf, needs your help. He has lost the solution word he needs to open the lock on a treasure trove he found at the bottom of the lake. During your hike, you have to find individual letters which you need to arrange in the right order to solve the puzzle.

Mysterious treasure hunt in See

Many years have passed since the pirates lost their treasure in See. Do you want to recover it? Then you need to find the hidden clues! You can find them along the trail that runs from Medrigjochbahn cable car to the hamlet of Winkl down in the valley. Swap the letters of the word “Medrigcenter“ with those found along the way and the mystery will be solved!