An exciting combination for adventure-seekers

e-Bike and Climb in Ischgl and Galtür

If you want to try a slightly more thrilling combination than Bike & Hike, we recommend an e-Bike & Climb tour. In addition to your hiking gear, you also need climbing equipment for this special adventure starting in Ischgl or Galtür.

Please note: It’s also possible to do the tours with a non-electric bike. However, an e-bike will help you save your energy for the climbing adventure ahead.

e-Bike and Climb tour to Heidelberger Hütte

As soon as you have packed your backpack and charged your e-bike, it’s time to start your adventure with a 1.5-hour e-bike ride from Ischgl through Fimbatal valley to Heidelberger Hütte lodge. From there, it only takes two minutes on foot to reach the Heidelberger Hüttenblock climbing park. It boasts 20 routes with difficulty levels between 6c+ and 8a+ – perfect for climbing fans who love challenging, steep terrain.

Thanks to its location at 2,264 metres above sea level, this route is also popular in hot summer temperatures. If you need a break or a little pick-me-up along the way, you can stop by Heidelberger Hütte and recharge your batteries there.

Our tip: If you don’t have your own e-bike, you can hire one at the rental station in Ischgl.

e-Bike and Climb tour at Jamtalarena

Starting in Galtür, this e-Bike and Climb adventure takes you through Jamtalarena. After a 1.5-hour ride, you can show off your climbing skills at the 29 routes of the newly renovated climbing park. The two areas can be accessed in only two and ten minutes respectively. There are routes for all difficulty levels, ranging from 4b to 7b+, making the park a great choice for beginners as well as accomplished climbers.

After cycling and climbing, we recommend a stop at Jamtalhütte lodge at 2,165 metres above sea level – a popular choice with hikers, alpinists and families.

The Paznaun valley, a paradise for mountain bikers

The Paznaun valley is a popular destination among fans of cycling and mountain biking. In addition to a variety of cycling routes – ranging from laid-back family rides to challenging mountain bike trails – the region also boasts numerous bike-friendly accommodation options. Plus, you can find a vast number of e-bike charging stations and bike shops there.