On a chairlift up to 2,853 metres above sea level

Palinkopf D1 in Ischgl

Im November 2017 wurde die Silvretta Arena um ein Seilbahn-Highlight reicher: Die bestehende 4er-Palinkopfbahn wurde gegen eine 6er-Sesselbahn (System D-Line) getauscht. Seitdem gelangen Skifahrer noch schneller und komfortabler auf den Palinkopf, einen der schönsten Gipfel des Skigebiets. Und das ohne Wartezeiten, versteht sich.

In November of 2017, the Silvretta Arena was able to add another chairlift highlight to its list: the existing 4-people Palinkopf chairlift was replaced by a 6-people one (D-line system). Since then, skiers can reach the Palinkopf – one of the resort’s most beautiful summits – even faster and more comfortably. And without long waiting periods, of course. 

The 6-people Palinkopf chairlift has multiple assets: its design, its maximum level of comfort and, of course, a number of innovations regarding lift technology. The environment was taken into account as well: thanks to the altered cable run, five fewer buttresses were needed. The previous 4-people chairlift was taken apart and sent to another winter sports resort in Scandinavia. 

If you’re on the Palinkopf chairlift for the first time, you’ll be surprised by the comfort of the chairs: 

  • ergonomically-shaped seats
  • 520-millimetre-wide individual heated seats
  • safety-optimised design
  • optimised safety bar
  • low vibration and volume during operation
  • exceptional design with Ischgl’s stars printed onto the back of the chairs

As you can see: That’s comfort made in Ischgl!

Lift facts

Palinkopf D1

  • for extra comfort: weather protection hoods, ergonomically-shaped and heated seats, optimised safety bars
  • the stars of the previous “Top of the Mountain” concerts are printed onto the back of the chairs
  • the D-line system with 14 patents is used for the Palinkopf chairlift
  • low vibration and volume during operation
  • the ascent up to 2,853 metres above sea level only takes about six minutes
  • it transports up to 2,800 people per hour
  • the chairlift is powered by the mountain station  
Construction blog, summer 2017

Palinkopf then and now: a success story

It’s one of the oldest facilities at the ski resort Ischgl and has been operating since 1973. It was a tow lift at the time and slowly more and more slopes were developed around it. In 1985, it was replaced by a 2-people chairlift and, later on in 1996/97, rebuilt into a 4-people chairlift. 

After 20 years of operation and more than 12 million journeys up and down the mountain, the next generation of Palinkopf lift assumed its duty in November of 2017. 


nr.: D1 - Palinkopfbahn
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Technical data at a glance

You would like to know more about the Palinkopf D1? If you’re interested in technical details, please contact the Silvrettaseilbahn AG cable car company directly!