Bergrestaurant und Sky-Bar Salaas Bergrestaurant und Sky-Bar Salaas

Swiss quality at 2,456 m altitude

Mountain Restaurant and Sky-Bar Salaas

Futuristic design, stunning views of the surrounding summits, sun deck … The mountain restaurant Salaas has people return time and again for a relaxing and enjoyable visit. 

On the top floor of the restaurant, Swiss specialities like Fondue, Raclette, etc. are served. Let the service staff fulfil your every wish! After gnocchi, crêpes & co., you can spend a few relaxing holiday moments at the Skyline bar or the smokers’ bar before heading out onto the slopes again.

But there’s more:
On the sun deck of the self-service restaurant located at the ground floor, winter sports athletes get to look forward to some culinary delights and a cosy atmosphere as well! Particularly popular: the deck chairs outside. 

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