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Rules / liability / service

  • Signposted and designated routes
  • Altitude profile
  • Route profile
  • Professional time measurement
  • Free food stations along the route
  • Free food at the finish
  • Showers available after Ischgl Ironbike Marathon on the Saturday

Every participant takes part in the race at their own risk. The event organiser assumes no liability before, during and after the race (also in respect of third parties). Each participant takes part at their own risk and is responsible for their own training and health status. By paying the registration fee you automatically accept the terms and conditions. Instructions issued by race management, on route posts, and from doctors and helpers are to be followed unconditionally. Any external performance support during the race is not permitted. Any contravention of the competition rules will result in disqualification. Deviating from the signposted route will result in automatic disqualification. There is no right to appeal in the event of disqualification by the race management in the event of irregularities or grossly unsporting conduct.

Termination during the race

Anyone who abandons the race is to stop at the next route post/medical station and hand in their start number there.


Weather and temperatures can change fast in high alpine terrain. Good sun, cold and rain protection is required.

Result lists

Result lists can be found here in real time.

Finisher’s gift

All participants receive a finisher’s gift.

Photo service

Your pictures will appear here as quickly as possible after the event.

Luggage transport for participants

Participant’s bags (clothing etc.) will be transported to the finish by the event organiser of the Alpenhaus Trophy (hand over when you are issued with your start number at the start). A maximum of 1 piece of baggage is permitted per entrant! No liability is assumed for baggage transport as well as for handing in and reclaiming baggage and storing baggage.

Date of birth

See conditions of participation!

Parking spaces

There are plenty of spaces available close to the start and finish area.

Prize money

Cash and non-cash prizes will be handed out at the official winners’ ceremony. After the end of the winners’ ceremony, participants lose their right to claim cash or non-cash prizes. Participants are required to be present at the winners’ ceremony in person. Representatives can only be accepted in exceptional cases and with the prior agreement of the organisational committee.

Medical service

The medical service who are present along the route and at the finish are available free of charge for participants. The costs for any helicopter deployment is to be borne by the participants. The medical service and the competition directors reserve the right to exclude from the race, for a specific time or entirely, any participant who has inadequate equipment or who run the risk of damaging their health.


The ‘MEDIUM’ and ‘HARD’ routes require several hours of endurance, heading up to 2,744m above sea level and this is particularly challenging for participants. Only participants who are completely physically healthy and well-trained can satisfy these requirements.


A personalised certificate is available as a free download for all participants who have completed the event.

Organisation and Race committee

  • Organiser: Ischgl Radsport Clubbing
  • Co-organiser: Paznaun – Ischgl Tourism Association
  • Timing and results service: Datasport AG
  • Rescue services: Red Cross, Ischgl and Samnaun mountain rescue
  • Route and security: Paznaun – Ischgl Tourism Association, Ischgl and Mathon volunteer fire service, Mathon cycle club, Ischgl police station, Ischgl, Kappl & Samnaun mountain rescue