From 1961 up to now

an impressive story of success
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history of Silvrettaseilbahn

exciting review

Did you know that Austria’s first one-cable cable car facility was opened in Ischgl in 1972?

Or that with the completion of the Pardatschgratbahn cable car in 2014, cable car seats could be heated during the entire duration of the journey for the first time?

Find out what else happened in between – and trace the story of the ski resort from its beginnings up to now. 

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The beginnings

of the Silvrettaseilbahn
  • 1961: on October 7, the foundation is laid for the Silvretta Arena; the company is founded by 73 initial shareholders
  • 1962 -1963: construction of the Silvrettabahn aerial tram
  • 1963: the cable car crashes down on the day of its technical inspection; after being immediately rebuilt and another thorough inspection, the Silvrettabahn can finally start operating on December 15, 1963; skiers also get to try out the new Idjoch tow lift – at the time, it was the longest tow lift in Austria
  • 1966: the association of administrations enters the scene as a shareholder and the capital stock is increased by half a million euros 
  • 1972: the Pardatschgratbahn starts operating as the first one-cable cable car facility in Austria
  • 1976: construction and initial operation of the Fimbabahn cable car – it’s the third important cable car serving as an entry point into the Silvretta 
  • 1977: the Zubringerbahn I in Samnuan is built; construction of the restaurants Alp Trida and Alp Trida Sattel; the Silvrettaseilbahn AG becomes a shareholder of the Luftseilbahn Samnaun AG aerial tram company with 51 per cent of shares 
  • 1979: merger with Samnaun and purchase of shares of the Parkgaragengesellschaft car park company in Ischgl 

Aerial tramway

First Silvrettabahn to Idalp, 2,320 m
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Big investments

and the expansion of the resort
  • 1980: other big investments are made such as the expansion of restaurants (Idalp, Höllkar, and Schwarzwand); the tow lift Idjoch is replaced by Tyrols first detachable 3-people chairlift; the ski lifts Viderjoch, Muller and Blais Gronda are built 
  • 1983: the Silvrettabahn was turned into a 6-people cable car (one haul rope loop)
  • 1984: reconstruction of the panorama restaurant Alp Trida
  • 1986: construction of the longest detachable chairlift in Austria (Gampenbahn) and expansion of the snowmaking system
  • 1990: reconstruction of the Pardatschgratbahn
  • 1991: the Muller lift is replaced by the 4-people Muller chairlift 
  • 1992-1993: construction of the tennis centre with indoor and outdoor courts and a swimming pool 
  • 1993: construction of the Flimjochbahn and the Velilleckbahn chairlifts; construction of the restaurant “La Marmotte”; opening of the Alp Trida – Viderjoch terrain 
  • 1994: construction of the new detachable 4-people Höllspitzbahn chairlift and the detachable 4-people Alp Trida-Flimsattel and Alp Trida-Visnitz chairlift
  • 1995: construction of the detachable 6-people Velillbahn chair lift and renovation of the self-service restaurant Alp Bella; construction of the Twinliner cable car in Samnaun
  • 1996: construction of the detachable 4-people Palinkopfbahn chairlift; construction of a car park with 200 spaces, escalator at the Pardatschgratbahn cable car; construction of the detachable 4-people chairlift Alp Bella-Grivalea 
  • 1997: construction of the 6-people Sassgalunbahn chairlift; preparations for the construction of the new Silvrettabahn funitel; replacement of the Fimbabahn cable car by the Silvrettabahn; shell construction of the town tunnel between the centre and the Fimbabahn cable car
  • 1998: reconstruction of the Silvrettabahn as a funitel, replacement of the Fimbabahn by the old Silvrettabahn; construction of the detachable 6-people Höllkarbahn chairlift instead of the two tow lifts; construction of the detachable and hooded six-people Planer Salaas-Greitspitz chairlift; completion of the town tunnel with conveyor belts and lifts
  • 1999: construction of the Schwarzwasserlift tow lift
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A new century:

Ischgl driven by modernisation
  • 2000: replacement of the tow lifts Palinkopf and Schwarzwand by the 6-people chairlift Zeblas; replacement of the 4-people Höllkarbahn chairlift by an 8-people chairlift; construction of the fixed 4-people chairlift Bodenalp; construction of the table-service restaurant Panorama at the Idalp; completion of the detachable and hooded 6-people chairlift Alp Trida Sattelbahn 
  • 2001: replacement of the 3-people Idjoch chairlift by an 8-people bubble chairlift; renovation and expansion of the Höllboden restaurant including a tower gazebo; expansion of the snowmaking system surrounding the Flimjoch; expansion of the car park Florian by 200 spaces; construction of a house for the personnel with 34 modern single rooms 
  • 2002: construction of the hooded six-people chairlift Gratbahn; opening of the descent “Höll” from the Greitspitz down into the Höllkar; construction of the Silvretta underground garage with 200 spaces at the valley station of the Silvrettabahn; expansion of the snowmaking system
  • 2003: initial operation of the hooded 6-people chairlift Paznauner Taja; expansion of the snowmaking system
  • 2004: construction of the hooded 6-people chairlift Nachtweidebahn; construction of the Pardorama and Pardatschgrat restaurants; expansion of the snowmaking system; the Höllspitzbahn chairlift was also equipped with state-of-the-art weather protection hoods 
  • 2005: construction of the ticket office building at the valley station of the Silvrettabahn cable car; completion of the Pardorama restaurant; replacement of the Schirmbar at the Alp Trida restaurant by the new après-ski bar Munggaloch
  • 2006: reconstruction of the Alpenhaus restaurant; new building design of the valley station Silvrettabahn cable car; construction of the reservoir pond Viderjoch; renovation of the restaurant “La Marmotte” 
  • 2007: construction of the 8-people Fimba (A3) chairlift; reconstruction of the Salaas restaurant
  • 2008: construction of the Bistro Gampen at the valley station of the Gampenbahn (E4)
  • 2009: construction of the reservoir pond Velill-Idalp; replacement of the practice lift Mathon (G1); modernisation of the ice bar and the façade of the Idalp restaurant 
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The Silvrettaseilbahn AG invests in

renovation, innovation & expansion
  • 2010: construction of the Lange Wand (C5) chairlift with heated seats and weather protection hoods; reconstruction of the Muller (M2) chairlift with orange weather protection hoods 
  • 2011: replacement of the Sonnenlift by a detachable 6-people chairlift (Sonnenbahn B5) with heated seats and child safety lock; new panorama gazebo at the Idalp 
  • 2012: renovation and expansion of the restaurants Höllboden and Sattel 
  • 2013: construction of the 150 aerial tram Piz Val Gronda (E5) including the new slope number 42; beginning of the construction of the 3-S Pardatschgratbahn (A2) cable car involving the concrete foundations at the mountain and valley stations as well as along the entire route 
  • 2014: completion of the 3-S Pardatschgratbahn (A2) with a transport capacity of up to 2,800 people per hour and 28 people per cable car; all seats can be heated throughout the duration of the journey for the first time – this was only possible for a brief period near the valley station before 
  • 2015: construction of the pedestrian tunnel Prenner including bus terminal 
  • 2016: replacement of the 4-people Flimjochbahn (B2) chairlift by an 8-people chairlift with heated seats and weather protection hoods 
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  • 2017: construction of the Palinkopfbahn (D1) chairlift and the reservoir pond Viderböden
  • 2018: replacement of the 4-people chairlift Gampen (E4) by a 6-people chairlift of the latest generation; construction of the Gampenalpe and Ischgl Slope Food restaurants 
  • 2019: replacement of the 2-people chairlift Velilleckbahn (F1) by a 6-people chairlift with heated seats and weather protection hoods 
    replacement of the 4-people chairlift Visnitzbahn (N2) by a 8-people chairlift of the latest generation
    Groundbreaking Silvretta Therme
  • 2020 - Building construction of Silvretta Therme, extension oft the Floriangarage by 245 parking spaces