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Sustainable measures at Silvrettaseilbahn

Welcome to the future

Since its founding in 1962, Silvrettaseilbahn AG has been committed to the well-being of the municipality of Ischgl and the Paznaun valley. Apart from strengthening the local economy, we focus on protecting and conserving nature.

In our experience, sustainability and winter sports can easily go hand in hand. To preserve the beauty of the Alps and winter sports for future generations, we strive to reduce or avoid CO2 emissions wherever possible.

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We run all the facilities in the ski area of Ischgl using electricity, over 80 percent of which comes from renewable energy. The majority of the energy we use is produced in hydropower stations in the nearby area. (Image: Kops Reservoir, Galtür).

Since 1.1.2021, the Silvrettaseilbahn AG will operate all cable cars and chairlifts, mountain restaurants, snow systems, etc. with 100% green electricity (no CO2 emissions) from Austria.

Thanks to Silvrettaseilbahn AG solar and heat recovery facilities, we save around 80,000 litres of heating oil every year.

Auch unser Ischgl Slope Food Bergrestaurant und die Talstation der Sesselbahn Gampen E4 heizen wir fossilfrei mit Erdwärme.

All our snow groomers are equipped with GPS technology, which we use to collect accurate snow depth data. This data allows us to determine exactly where we need to place cannons to generate snow, reducing the amount of water required to be pumped as well as the number of hours the snow groomers need to be operation. All in all, we need less snow for slope preparation and avoid damage to the terrain thanks to accurate snow depth data.

Silvrettaseilbahn AG co-finances ski buses in Paznaun, so we are helping reducing car journeys to the cable car stations.

Did you know that since 1998, 1217 beef cattle, 436 calves and 396 lambs have been purchased from our regional farmers for a fair price and used in our restaurants?

To safeguard against any decline of produce that is difficult to market – meat for instance - a specific abattoir was built where farmers bring their meat stock. This is then purchased by Silvrettaseilbahn AG for a fair price and used in the company's own mountain restaurants, saving any long transport routes.

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In the last few years we have planted over 10,000 trees in the Ischgl ski area.

Scheduled for completion in December 2022, the new Silvretta Spa will largely be heated using geothermal energy. This will replace the fossil fuel sources (oil and gas) currently used to heat the existing indoor and outdoor pools.

This measure alone will enable us to reduce our CO2 emissions by an estimated 1,300 tonnes per year.

Did you know that our  town of  Ischgl spans 10,301 ha (according to Wikipedia) and of that a mere 3 % (322 ha) is used for as a skiing area?

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Regional sustainability

When Silvrettaseilbahn AG was founded in 1962 the specific aim was to promote the economic development of the town of Ischgl and the valley communities in the Paznaun region, to prevent emigration and secure the financial existence of the local people. Things have changed a little bit today.