Operating hours & cable car facts

Silvrettabahn A1 in Ischgl

Full steam ahead – or actually, up the mountain! Alongside the Fimbabahn  and Pardatschgratbahn  cable cars, the Silvrettabahn is one of the three entry points into the Silvretta Arena. Meaning: an entry point into Ischgl’s summer and winter wonderland at 2,320 metres above sea level! 

The Silvrettabahn A1 is a true powerhouse: eight engines with a total of 4,350 PS, countless wheels, rolls and several kilometres of cables. This technical masterpiece takes holiday guests up into the mountains of Tyrol. A total of 3,440 people can be transported each hour.

Unbelievable: the Silvrettabahn moves at a speed of 6 metres per second! 

Silvrettabahn A1 cable car facts

  • this state-of-the-art cable car is powered by eight engines, 3,200 kW and 4,350 PS 
  • the Silvrettabahn in Ischgl has 1,200 wheels and equally as many rolls
  • 50 frequency converters were used and an incredible 60 kilometres of cables
  • for the entire cable car, 200 engines and 56 linear metres of control cabinets were necessary 
  • the ascent up to 2,320 metres above sea level takes about 15 minutes
  • it transports up to 3,440 people per hour 

Funitel – the wind-safe type of cable car

The Silvrettabahn A1 is not only an incredibly powerful type of cable car but it’s also a so-called funitel. The cable car system runs on two parallel haul ropes which carry the individual cable cars. Additionally, funitels have an extremely high wind stability. Thanks to its great suspension, large numbers of passengers can be transported at both a high level of comfort and safety. 

We counted: the Silvrettabahn takes about 1,400,000 guests quickly and safely up to the intermediate and mountain stations each year. Every cable car has room for about 18 people (sitting down). 

the wind-safe type of Doppelmayr

System Funitel


Silvrettabahn A1

nr.: A1 - Silvrettabahn
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Technical data at a glance

Ischgl used its long-time partner Doppelmayr as a manufacturer for the Silvrettabahn who produces lift facilities all over Austria. 

You’re curious about this power-laden cable car? Experience for yourself how powerful and safe the Silvrettabahn in Ischgl really is. The best way to do so is during a trip up the mountain!

6-person monocable gondola lift Silvrettabahn

1983 - 1998

Technical specifications:

  • 6 people per cabin
  • 180 cabins
  • Capacity: 2,400 people per hour

From our archive...

Aerial tramway Silvrettabahn 1963 - 1983

The first Silvrettabahn was put into operation on December 15, 1963 and was in operation until the spring of 1983. The Silvrettabahn already reached its capacity limits in 1967. Due to the long waiting times, reservation cards had to be issued for the first time.

Technical specifications::

  • 50 people per cabin
  • 2 cabins
  • Capacity: 312 people per hour