28th Ischgl Ironbike 4 – 5 August 2023

Results 2023

Bright winners in the fog at the 28th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon

The winners of the 28th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon have been determined: In one of the toughest mountain bike marathon races in Europe, Hansueli Stauffer from Switzerland and Milena Kalasova from the Czech Republic beat the competition.

From 4 to 5 August, 632 mountain bikers fought for valuable seconds at the 28th Ischgl Ironbike. Licensed women and men were free to choose between the Hard and Extreme courses this year. All other riders could choose from all four courses. The Ironbike Eliminator on the 1,000-metre circuit through the village and the "Kids & Juniors Trophy" provided thrilling head-to-head races that gave riders and spectators goosebumps.

"632 enthusiastic cyclists, despite the current weather conditions, show us that our race concept has established itself in the international race calendars after 28 years of Ischgl Ironbike and that participation is still very popular with licensed and hobby riders," confirms Alexander von der Thannen, chairman of the Paznaun - Ischgl Tourist Association, about the successful event. "Of course, it is also particularly pleasing for us this year that our Ischgl-branded bike team from TEXPA Simplon was able to win the Extreme course in the licence class and the Hard course in the master class in the men's category with the fastest times," von der Thannen proudly reports further.

Gold for Hansueli Stauffer and Milena Kalasova at the 28th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon

502 masters, elites and amateurs had the chance to prove their personal best on 5 August 2023 at the 28th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon on four differently demanding courses. The courses Extreme (71.0 kilometres / 3,200 metres in altitude), Hard (58.3 kilometres / 2,580 metres in altitude), Medium (44.7 kilometres / 1,890 metres in altitude) and Light (24.9 kilometres / 670 metres in altitude) were available. While licensed riders could only get their ultimate adrenaline kick on the Hard and Extreme routes, the riders in the amateur class were allowed to choose from all four possible routes - burning thighs included for all. The women and men were judged in the Masters and Elite classes: the Extreme course was won by Hansueli Stauffer from Switzerland with a time of 3:56:33.1 and Milena Kalasova from the Czech Republic with a time of 4:58:58.3. In the master class, Markus Kaufmann from Germany came out on top with a time of 4:02:23.8. Winners in the licence class on the Hard distance were Mattia Longa from Italy with a time of 3:15:27.4 and Debora Piana from Italy with a time of 4:06:04.3. In the Hard Masters, Uwe Hardter from Germany rode to the podium with a time of 3:30:41.0. In the Medium distance, David Sambale from Germany won with a time of 2:17:04.8 and Anna Schmidt from Germany with a time of 2:17:04.8.

Ironbike Eliminator

New in 2023 and immediately well received: A total of 32 participants took part in the new Eliminator. Friday morning the starting signal was given for the qualification in the individual time trial, in which the participants fought their way along the 1,000-metre circuit through Ischgl at 30-second intervals at the Palio without class distinction. Based on the time achieved, the heats of four were allocated and thus the corresponding opponents. The first two riders in each group advanced to the next heat. The first and second of the two semi-finals contested the final, the third and fourth the small final. Women and men were judged separately. The well-deserved victory went to Daniel Federspiel from Austria in the men's race and Antonia Daubermann from Germany in the women's race.

Silvretta MTB King and Queen 2023

Once again this year, the battle was on for the seat on the royal mountain bike throne. To determine their majesties Silvretta MTB King and Queen as well as Prince and Princess 2023, the times achieved at the M3 Montafon Mountainbike Marathon on 29 July and at the Ischgl Ironbike Marathon on 5 August 2023 were added up to a total time. The fastest riders on the courses "M³ extreme and Ironbike Extreme" in the men's category and "M³ extreme and Ironbike Hard" in the women's category were crowned King and Queen in the respective classes Pros and Amateur. The titles of Prince and Princess went to the fastest on the "M² demanding and Ironbike Medium" courses. This year's Silvretta MTB Kings are Sebastian Gesche and Claes Frans. The MTB Prince is Wolfgang Pfister. Milena Kalasová was crowned Silvretta MTB Queen.

Strong young mountain bike talents

Just like the big ones: At the "Ironbike Kids & Juniors Trophy" on 4 August, 86 kids and juniors from 5 to 16 years of age proved that they are definitely to be reckoned with in the future.

Results Ischgl Ironbike 2023