Ischgl Ironbike Marathon  

Where is your limit?

The Ischgl Ironbike Marathon represents the elite of mountain biking, a challenge that only the boldest and most ambitious athletes take on. Like the smugglers of old, who mastered the hidden paths of the Silvretta mountains with skill and endurance, the participants take on a route that is notorious throughout Europe not only for its beauty but also for its toughness.

The most demanding category of the Ischgl Ironbike takes cyclists over 71 kilometres and 3,200 metres in altitude. Like the smugglers' trails that connect Ischgl with Samnaun, the Ironbike Marathon also offers a varied route: from tarmac to gravel to challenging trails. The route is lined with the impressive mountain scenery that gives this marathon its legendary character and is reminiscent of the times when the area was still criss-crossed by mysterious smugglers' trails.

Start/finish Ischgl, parking place Silvrettabahn (1.379 m)
  • EXTREME: 71.0 km | 3,400 metres altitude
  • HARD:        60.0 km | 2,750 metres altitude
  • MEDIUM:   45.0 km | 1,890 metres altitude
  • LIGHT:        25.3 km |    670 metres altitude
Route profile
  • no tyre width under 1.95
  • no road wheels/handlebars
  • the regulations of the ÖRV apply
  • The cut-off date for the age limits for the minimum age is 31.12.2023.
  • The presentation of a photo ID at the start number distribution is obligatory for juniors!
Refreshment stations
  • Lareintal (10 km | 1,850 m)
  • Ischgl Dorf (27 km | 1,400 m)
  • Idalp (36.5 km | 2,294 m)
  • Salaaser Kopf (41 km | 2,700 m)
  • Samnaun Dorf (49 km | 1,860 m)
  • Alp Trida (55 km | 2,270 m)
  • Äußeres Viderjoch (61 km | 2,750 m)
  • Zielversorgung (75.8 km | 1,400 m)
Time limits
  • 10.15 am: Ischgl Dorf (27 km | 1,400 m)
  • 11.10 am: Idalp (36.5 km | 2,294 m)
  • 12.00 pm: Salaaser Kopf (41 km | 2,700 m)

Routes and start times may be changed by the organiser at short notice.


  • The LIGHT & MEDIUM routes are reserved exclusively for hobby bikers.
  • This means that licensed riders are obliged to take part in the HARD or EXTREME course.
  • There is a separate start time for the LIGHT course.

Participants who start on the MEDIUM or HARD course or on the EXTREME course can still only decide during the race whether they want to ride the MEDIUM, HARD or EXTREME course.

Registration, classes, entry fee & prize money

Combi rating for even more bike action

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The Ironbike Marathon alone is not enough for you? Then we have a lot of respect for your sporting ambition - and an extra tip for you!

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