The gold smuggler’s circuit in Ischgl The gold smuggler’s circuit in Ischgl

A ski circuit for discerning winter sports enthusiasts

The gold smuggler’s circuit in Ischgl

You think you’ve already mastered every ski circuit in the country? You consider yourself top-notch when it comes to skiing? Then the gold smuggler’s circuit with its plentiful black slopes and steep descents is just the right challenge for you. Start getting excited about one of the longest and most challenging ski circuits in the world!

nr.: 3 - GOLD smuggler’s circuit
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Technical data

The gold smuggler’s circuit in numbers

Technical data Horizontal length vertical meters
Run 37.2 km 6,870 m
Lifts 24.6 km 6,870 m
Total 61.8 km 13,740 m


It should take you about 4 hours to complete the circuit. We recommend you start early in the morning. Then you’ll get to enjoy the freshly groomed slopes and have enough time for taking breaks. And there’s definitely plenty of nice spots for breaks along the way.

important for the competition

The checkpoints along the gold smuggler’s circuit

Along the gold smuggler’s circuit, there is a total of 13 checkpoints to pass. If you’ve got the “iSki Ischgl” app  on your phone and participate in the competition, you get a hint at every checkpoint via vibration, sound and notification.

To participate in the competition, all checkpoints have to be passed within the same day and in the correct order – and then uploaded until 5:00 pm of the same day. 

All checkpoints at a glance: 

  1. Start: Valley station Fimbabahn (A3) cable car
  2. Mountain station Sassgalunbahn (C3) chairlift
  3. Mountain station Höllspitzbahn (E2) chairlift
  4. Mountain station Palinkopfbahn (D1) chairlift
  5. Mountain station Piz Val Gronda (E5) cable car
  6. Valley station Twinliner (L1) cable car
  7. Mountain station Visnitzbahn (N2) chairlift
  8. Mountain station Grivaleabahn (M1) chairlift
  9. Mountain station Viderjochbahn 1 (N4) chairlift
  10. Mountain station Greitspitzbahn (O1) chairlift
  11. Mountain station Velillbahn (B1) chairlift
  12. Mountain station Velilleckbahn (F1) chairlift
  13. Finish: Valley station Fimbabahn (A3) cable car 

Good to know:
The valley station of the Twinliner L1 lift (checkpoint 6) is the start and finish line for all those who start the gold smuggler’s circuit in Samnaun.

All checkpoints, interesting facts and the exact route of the gold smuggler’s circuit can be found on our interactive map, as a PDF-download  and in the “iSki Ischgl” app

  • Stunning views await you up on the 2,864-metre-high Palinkopf, the 2,812-metre-high Piz Val Gronda and the 2,509-metre-high Muller. 
  • Skiing pleasure meets shopping, the gold smuggler’s circuit lets you have both. Slope 80 leads you directly over to Samnaun – the Swiss duty-free shopping paradise.
    Find out more about the current customs regulations

Gold run

Circuit planner – gold smuggler’s circuit

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