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A panorama of 351 kilometres

Mountain bike routes & trails in Ischgl

A panorama map of all the mountain bike routes in Ischgl! On the map, you’ll find all bike routes for different levels of skill – including length, difference in altitude, map details and more. 

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Hints for using the bike trails

Whether you’re an amateur, advanced or experienced rider – the Paznaun offers the perfect mountain bike tour for all tastes and skill levels. 

  • Easy tours: The blue trails are perfect for leisure cyclists and bike newbies. With only moderate descents, they don’t require any prior knowledge or special technique. A great opportunity to explore the local nature! 
  • Intermediate tours: Galtür’s intermediate trails are perfect for ambitious bikers with plenty of fitness and good technique. Expect some challenging uphill and downhill sections!
  • Difficult tours: The black trails are a highlight for extreme bikers with excellent fitness and technical skills. With plenty of steep and difficult sections with hairpin bends, these trails require lots of concentration.

It’s easy to forget about everything out in nature. However, there are some rules that you definitely should keep in mind as a biker to protect the beautiful environment you’re riding in …

  • Respect the plants and animals of the mountain world and stick to the marked trails.
  • Hikers come first! If you come across hikers, slow down and ring your bell. If necessary, dismount your bike.
  • Control your speed and keep an eye out for oncoming traffic. Anticipatory riding is one of the most important rules of mountain biking! 
  • If you’re riding in high-alpine terrain, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather. Check the current weather situation before your tour and bring warm clothes!
  • Safety first: Always wear a helmet! What’s more, freeriders should always wear protectors.
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