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Silvretta High Alpine Road

An El Dorado for motorcyclists: the Silvretta High Alpine Road is considered one of the most beautiful mountain pass roads in Tyrol. Its many hairpin bends and serpentines lead through the Paznaun valley, too. And it makes bikers fall in love on a daily basis. The many curves of this Silvretta pass between Partenen and Galtür not only impress motorcyclists though – mountain bikers and vintage car fans are equally smitten by this mountain road queen. 

The Silvretta High Alpine Road is only open during the summer months! 

Good to know: If you spend the night at an accommodation at the Paznaun, you’ll receive the Silvretta Card all inclusive and won’t have to pay a toll fee! 

The High Alpine Road: numbers & facts 

  • length: 22,3 kilometres 
  • starting and ending point: from Partenen at the Montafon (at 1,501 metres) to Galtür at the Paznaun (at 1,725 metres) 
  • highest point: 2,032 metres at the Bielerhöhe
  • number of hairpin bends: 34
  • gradient: 10 % to max. 12 % – in the hairpin bends approx. 5 %
  • years of construction: 1925 to 1930 – it was opened to the public in 1954

Important! On the entire Silvretta High Alpine Road, trailers are prohibited! Night-time parking is not allowed either. Coaches cannot exceed a maximum length of 13,8 metres. 

Opening hours of the Silvretta High Alpine Road 

The Silvretta High Alpine Road is only open to the public during good weather conditions. That’s usually the case from the beginning of June onwards. In winter, the High Alpine Road is closed. 


The toll booths of the High Alpine Road are located in Partenen and in Galtür.

Top places of interest surrounding the Silvretta High Alpine Road 

The mountain pass road between the federal states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol is an experience in itself. Because where else do you get to enjoy hairpin bend after hairpin bend amidst some of the most impressive summits? And the challenging route is completely free of potholes, too! But to make your excursion even more perfect, there are a few amazing things you should do while you’re there. 

The Silvretta reservoir 

The reservoir is located at the highest point of the High Alpine Road: the Bielerhöhe. Since its construction in 1954, it generates electricity for the region. You can casually walk around the lake or stop to fish there. 

A stop at the Bielerhöhe

Right at the Silvretta Reservoir, there is a restaurant of the same name. That’s where you can enjoy a little break at 2,000 metres above sea level and enjoy delicious Austrian cuisine along with stunning mountain views of the Silvretta. 

Alternatively, you can also taste your way down into the valley to Galtür or Ischgl at the many restaurants and inns. 

A night in the mountains of the Paznaun

How about a stop during your motorcycle tour, so you can start the next day well-rested and with lots of energy for your exploration of the High Alpine Road? There are plenty of accommodations in Ischgl that’ll welcome you. 

High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun 

The High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun is an important stop for all those motorcyclists who only want the best of the best. Right at the Silvretta parking ground in Ischgl, you get to choose from more than 40 of the latest and greatest motorcycle models by manufacturers like BMW, KTM or Triumph. This concept is unique in Europe! 

Experience the most well-known and popular High Alpine Road in Europe first hand! If you have any questions about the mountain pass or need some assistance with planning your trip, the team of the tourism office Paznaun-Ischgl is happy to help!