Ischgl Ironbike Marathon

The ultimate challenge
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Are you ready?

The Ironbike Marathon

For die-hard mountain bikers

Would you like to go even further and higher? The Ischgl Ironbike Marathon is the perfect choice for mountain bikers seeking to push their limits. If you don’t want to go for the long-distance route, we recommend one of the shorter routes.

Did you know that the routes run along the region’s former smuggler’s trails? Where the smugglers of the olden times used to transport contraband between Ischgl and Samnaun, today mountain bikers cruise along the scenic paths of the Silvretta mountains.

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All routes


  • Extreme: The most challenging route covers a distance of 70 km and an altitude difference of 3,391 metres; also for licenced riders
  • Hard: This slightly easier route covers a distance of 59 km and an altitude difference of 2,716 metres; also for licenced riders
  • Medium: This challenging route covers a distance of 44 km and an altitude difference of 1,882 metres; great for leisure riders
  • Light: This beginner-friendly route covers a distance of 25 km and an altitude difference of 659 metres; great for beginners
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Ischgl Ironbike Marathon

Start/finish Ischgl, Parkplatz Silvrettabahn (1.379 m)
  • EXTREME: 70,0 km | 3.391 Hm
  • HARD:        59,0 km | 2.716 Hm
  • MEDIUM:   44,0 km | 1.882 Hm
  • LIGHT:        25,0 km |    659 Hm
Route profiles

Gradient: Average: 10 % / Max.: 30 % 
Surface: Asphalt, gravel, single trail

  • no tyre width less than 1.95
  • no road bikes/handlebars
  • the regulations of the ÖRV apply
  • deadline for the age limits for the minimum age is 31.12.2023
  • The presentation of a photo ID at the start number distribution is mandatory for juniors!
Refreshment stations
  • Lareintal (10 km | 1.850 m)
  • Ischgl Dorf (24,5 km | 1.400 m)
  • Idalp (32 km | 2.294 m)
  • Salaaser Kopf (37,5 km | 2.700 m)
  • Samnaun Dorf (49 km | 1.860 m)
  • Alp Trida (55 km | 2.270 m)
  • Äußeres Viderjoch (61 km | 2.750 m)
  • Zielversorgung (75,8 km | 1.400 m)
Time limits
  • 10:15 am: Ischgl Dorf (24,5 km | 1.400 m)
  • 11:10 am: Idalp (32 km | 2.294 m)
  • 12:00 pm: Salaaser Kopf (37,5 km | 2.700 m)

Routes and start times may be changed by the organiser at short notice.


  • The LIGHT & MEDIUM routes are reserved exclusively for hobby bikers.
  • Licensed riders are obliged to take part on the HARD or EXTREME course.
  • There is a separate start time for the LIGHT route.

Participants who start on the MEDIUM or HARD course or on the EXTREME course can still only decide during the race whether they want to ride the MEDIUM, HARD or EXTREME course.

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