With participation in the Silvrettarun 3000, all participants accept the following Conditions of Participation:

1. Age of entrants:

  • The minimum age for participating in the Silvrettarun 3000 is is 16 years
  • On the Medium and Hard routes, only entrants aged 18 years and over may participate.
  • The cut-off date for the age limits for the minimum age is the 14.07.2018.
  • The year of birth counts for the various categories.

2. All participants are aware that their undertaking involves certain risks to themselves, and that neither the Paznaun – Ischgl Tourism Association as event organiser nor the Galtür skiing club as co-organiser can guarantee their safety.


3. In being aware of this risk, the entrant declares that if he/she suffers any damage or should be injured, no claims for compensation of any kind whatsoever can be file against the event organiser or the co-organiser.


4. The entrant confirms that he/she holds current personal liability insurance and personal leisure time accident insurance, which covers his/her participation in the Silvrettarun 3000. The entrant further undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the event organiser and the co-organiser for all damages he/she may incur as a result of participating in the Silvrettarun 3000.


5. The entrant undertakes to observe the competition and safety guidelines, which are communicated to him/her by the organiser and co-organiser.


6. The entrant furthermore accepts the following terms:
He/she agrees that:

  • His/her personal and address details as well as results are stored and processed by means of EDP.
  • His/her name, year of birth, residency and team maybe published in the starter and results list on the Internet in the newspaper and on notices.
  • the event organiser – or partners commissioned by him – may make photos, video and TV recordings of entrance and may utilise these with no limitation in time and space (in particular also for marketing purposes) 
  • These address details may be used by the event organiser for advertising purposes and, where required, also be forwarded to sponsors.
  • He/she accepts that as part of the Silvrettarun 3000 he/she will be sent news and information before and after the event.

7. In case of adverse weather conditions or other unexpected events, the event organiser shall be authorised to shorten or change the route and to change the time limit.


8. The event organiser is entitled to exclude entrants behaving incorrectly in any way from the race.

9. In case of danger, the race may be cancelled or stopped by the event organiser, rescue and medical services as well as authorities.

10. The organising committee may decide at any time to accept or reject an entry or entrant from the competition, insofar as this may cause any damage to the image of the event. 


11. Final permission to start may be made subject to a positive on-site inspection or security check.


12. A medical examination is recommended.


13. Participating with the start number of another entrant or any other incident as determined by the organisation will be punished by being excluded from the competition. The entrant will be barred from the event for another two years.

14. The sale or auctioning off of a starting place - be it on Internet platforms such as eBay or in any other way - is strictly prohibited. All offers for sale will be looked into and the buyer as well as seller will be barred for life from participating in the Silvrettarun 3000