Smuggler’s Run Silver

This ski run in Ischgl-Samnaun is for experienced skiers


The Smuggler’s Run Silver is a challenging ski route that includes black and red runs in the Silvretta Arena. The new ski run takes you from the Austrian side of the border into Switzerland.
The best viewpoints are at Palinkopf (2,864 m) and on Muller (2,509 m). The Smuggler’s Run Silver takes you via piste no. 80 directly to the village of Samnaun, where you can find many duty free shops.

The Smuggler’s Run Silver will take you about 3.5 hours to complete.
We recommend starting this run early in the morning.

Did you know  ...
the first ski lift in Ischgl - opened in the village of Brand  in 1952, was co-financed from the proceeds of the smuggling trade?

Technical data Horizontal length Vertical meters
Run 24,7 km 4.745 m
Lifts 16,4 km 4.745 m
Total 41,1 km 9.490 m


41.1 km (ca. 3.5 hours)

Route: Smuggler’s Run SILVER
Start: Fimbabahn valley station A3
Finish: Fimbabahn valley station A3

1. A3 Fimbabahn 3,8 km
2. 2 Skipiste zum Höllboden 1,1 km
3. C3 Sassgalunbahn 0,4 km
4. 30 Skipiste zur Paznauner Thaya 1,5 km
5. E2 Höllspitzbahn 1,8 km
6. 38 Skipiste zum Bistro Gampen 2,5 km
11. E4 Gampebahn 2,4 km
12. 40,80, 80a Talabfahrt nach Samnaun Dorf zum Twinliner 7,9 km
13. L1 Twinliner, START/ZIEL Samnaun 2,3 km
14. 69b Skipiste zur Alp Trida 1,1 km
15. N2 Visnitzbahn 1,2 km
16. 66 Skipiste zur Alp Bella 1,7 km
19. M2 Mullerbahn 0,8 km
20. 67 Skipiste zur Alp Trida 1,4 km
21. N1 Flimsattelbahn 2,7 km
22. 10 Skipiste zur Idalp 2,1 km
23. B8 Gratbahn 1 km
24. 4,1,1a Talabfahrt zur Fimbabahn Talstation 5,4 km

The start-finish line is located at the Fimbabahn A3 cable car valley station in Ischgl or alternatively at the Twinliner L1 lift in Samnaun.

Tip: Check out the interactive map on our iSki Ischgl app to help you find your way around the ski area. If you prefer to have a printed copy of the map you can pick up a copy of our Smuggler’s Run brochure at the Fimbabahn A3 valley station or at the Twinliner L1 lift in Samnaun.