Paragliding Tyrol, Austria

Let’s get airborne in Ischgl

‘… you are flying; you are flying and don’t need any destination. Being there itself is happiness! No limits to worry about down below, you never have to go back  ...“ 
Michael Ende, from: A dream of flying

Want to lose the ground beneath your feet and roam through the Paznaun sky like an eagle? You can do this superbly in Ischgl, without needing any expertise – provided the weather and the thermals are right in this wonderful area in Tyrol. This old dream of mankind can be enjoyed during a tandem paragliding flight in the fascinating mountains of the Silvretta in Tyrol, in summer as well as winter. 

Paragliding, during a tandem flight for instance is on offer at Twin Fly flying school for all those who are interested. Sit comfortably in a harness during the flight and enjoy the superb view. Those who want to capture images of their dream trip themselves; on request the pilot can also do this for guests. People who weigh between 15 and 100 kg can be taken on the flight; those over 100 kg only taken upon consultation.

Also choose from:


Recommended for flight enthusiasts who want to experience flying in the thermals and upcurrents, and raise their perspective above the usual horizon. However this means higher flight weather requirements and is only possible when the conditions are appropriate from February to October, from midday.

Total duration: around 2 hours
Flight time: around 30 mins
Maximum flight height: 2600 - 3000 metres


The optimum flight experience for anyone.

Total duration: around 1hour 30mins
Flight time: around 20mins
Max. flight altitude: 2600 metres


Ideal for sports-oriented people who already have some flight experience and who want to experience the ultimate altitude flight. This flight requires optimum flight weather and is not possible every day. Our tip -wear warm clothing!

Total duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
Flight time: around 1 hour
Maximum flight altitude: 2800 - 4000 metres

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