Martin Sieberers Heimatbühne Martin Sieberers Heimatbühne

Martin Sieberers Heimatbühne - Trofana Royal

- Gault Millau 2021 mit 3 Hauben und 15 Punkten
- A la Carte Guide 2020 mit 4 Sternen und 92 Punkten
- Falstaff: 4 Gabeln (95 Punkte)
- Martin Sieberer

A local stage – pleasure like it used to be

Whether a guest has a culinary journey before them, or whether they are in search of a quick delicious bite – they will get what they are looking for when it comes to food - taste buds and heart meet to create a moment that will be remembered for a long time to come. A succulent Sunday roast, light and creamy doughnut with a golden crust and a sweet or savoury filled 'Krapfler' are part and parcel of Austrian cuisine, just as much as 'Schnitzel' and roast joints. In Martin Sieberer's "Heimatbühne" these specialities brought forth from behind the curtain – individually, or as part of menu, they on your plate and provide something special for the day. Martin Sieberer has of course retained what is tried and true and so the Paznauner Stube still remains a meeting point for gourmets from near and far who want to enjoy international and excellent food.

New and also in the Trofana Royal is Sieberer's 'Heimatbühne'. A maximum of 25 people can take to the culinary stage and immerse themselves in times past, when flowery plates and colourful checked table cloths remind you of Sunday lunch at Grandma's. With your circle of loved ones you get to discuss what has happened during the week and savour the food. In Sieberer's 'Heimatbühne' the guest knows what is in store – the most succulent roast which melts in your mouth, the fluffiest dumplings, just like the ones his grandma served and the sweetest doughnuts which glow all by themselves. Home for Martin Sieberer is not just Paznauntal valley, where he has enjoyed years of success indulging his guests, Brixental - where he comes from - is too, yet he still thinks outside he box when it comes to local, culinary matters. It is important to this toque and star awarded chef that the ingredients which feature on his 'Heimatbühne' menu come from this 'homeland', from the region.

Alpine cuisine is characterised by simple, tasty dishes and it is these that Martin Sieberer wants to pull out of the bag of delights and serve you up a delicious gem. In November Sieberer's 'Heimatbühne' will open in the Trofana Royal in Ischgl. His penchant for regionality will be expressed in this restaurant in a very special way. Even the bread and butter to start will taste hearty and bold and will be lovingly made by local producers. Paznaun lamb will of course feature in 'Heimatbühne', which has for years played a very special role in Sieberer's cooking. With river trout served on a foam, Paznaun's Diasbach meets Styria - since on the stage it is the concept of homeland in all its facets which sets a superb scene.

kitchen opening hours daily from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

kitchen opening hours daily from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm


Trofana Royal GmbH, Hotel
Hans von der Thannen
Dorfstraße 95
6561 Ischgl

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