27th Ischgl Ironbike 3 – 6 August 2022

Results 2022

The winners of the 27th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon have been determined: In one of Europe's toughest mountain bike marathon races, Andreas Seewald from Germany in the men's race and Bianca Somavilla from Austria in the ladies' race claimed a place on the podium. Save the Date: The 28th Ischgl Ironbike will be held from 2 to 5 August 2023.

At the 27th Ischgl Ironbike, 965 mountain bikers competed from August 3 to 6, 2022 in various individual and stage races. Exciting contests, such as the four-part UCI Stage Race S1, the night-time Hillclimb "Ischgl Alpenhaus Trophy", the fox hunt with fox Andi Goldberger, the "Ironbike Kids & Juniors Trophy" and above all the legendary "Ironbike Marathon", over the four distances "Extreme", "Hard", "Medium" or "Light", were all enthusiastically received by both riders and spectators.

Gold for Andreas Seewald and Bianca Somavilla at the 27th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon

On 6 August, pros and amateurs demonstrated their personal bests at the 27th Ischgl Ironbike Marathon on four routes of varying challenge. Depending on fitness level, there was a choice between the routes Extreme (71.0 kilometres and 3,200 m elevation gain), Hard (58.3 kilometres and 2,580 m elevation gain) as well as the Medium (44.7 kilometres and 1,890 m elevation gain) and Light (24.9 kilometres and 670 m elevation gain). NEW in summer 2023: As part of the UCI Stage Races, men must compete in the Extreme course and women in the Hard course. The supreme discipline was won by Andreas Seewald from Germany with a time of 3:37.49,4 in the men's and Bianca Somavilla from Austria in 5:00.08,1 in the ladies' race. On the "Hard" course, Noah Laschewski from Germany won the men's race with a time of 3:16.03,1 and Adelheid Morath from Germany won the women's race in 3:44.04,7. The respective stage victory thus went to Andreas Seewald and Adelheid Morath. Gold over the Medium-distance was taken by Fabian Diepold from Germany with a time of 2:21.55,6 and Paulina Burger from Germany with a time of 3:24.19,0. Taking top spots on the podium for the Light-route were Luca Hertner from Germany with a time of 58.45,7 and Tanja Stroschneider from Austria with a time of 1:11.55,7.

UCI S1 stage race

Those who had set their sights on the overall win in the Ischgl Ironbike Stage Race S1, and wanted to pick up UCI-points, had to complete four race-formats. Altogether, 106 competitors in the categories "individual time trial", "Alpenhaus Trophy", "Short Track" and "Ironbike Marathon Extreme" or "Ironbike Marathon Hard" lined up for the start. At the end, all four individual times were added up and winners announced. For both the men and ladies, points were awarded in the categories pros and amateurs. The well-deserved top spot in the pros' category went to Andreas Seewald from Germany in the men's category and Claudia Peretti from Italy in the women's category. The amateurs' category was won by Dominik Schranz from Austria in the men's category and Daniela Traxl-Pintarelli from Austria in the ladies' race.

Silvretta MTB King and Queen 2022

This year's mountain bike crowns for the majesties Silvretta MTB King and Queen 2022 were bestowed in Ischgl. To determine the winners, the times for completing the M3 Montafon MTB Marathon on 30 July and the Ischgl Ironbike Marathon on 6 August 20222 were added up to a combined overall time. The fastest on the routes "M3 and Ironbike Extreme" in the men's category and "M3 and Ironbike Hard" in the women's category were crowned King and Queen in the respective professional and amateur categories. To give all amateurs a fair chance, the categories awarded points separately for amateurs and pros. This year's Silvretta MTB King on the routes "M3 and Ironbike Extreme" are Frans Claes from Belgium in the pro and Johannes Keller from Germany in the amateur league. Crowned Silvretta Queen on the routes "M3 Extreme and Ironbike Hard” was Adelheid Morath from Germany. On the routes "M2 and Ironbike Hard” Louis Treß from Germany rode this way to the title Silvretta MTB Prince 2022.

Night-time chase at the Alpenhaus Trophy

On 3 August, the night-time Hillclimb attracted 136 mountain bikers to the start. Starters could line up for the "Alpenhaus Trophy" as an individual race or as part of the UCI S1 stage-race. On the 7.27-kilometre- long route covering almost 980 m elevation gain, Lubomir Petrus from Czech Republic in the men's and Julia Sörgel from Austria in the ladies' race successfully outdid the opposition. In the subsequent e-bike fox hunt, Christian Bair from Austria motorised hunters managed to overtake the non-motorised ski jumping legend "fox" Andi Goldberger, who had started with a head start, and claim a success bonus of 100 euros for themselves.

Young mountain bike talents

Just like the big ones: At the "Ironbike Kids & Juniors Trophy" on 5 August, 87 kids and juniors aged 5 to 16, showed that they were a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Results Ischgl Ironbike 2022