The mountain is calling

9th Silvrettarun 3000 - POSTPONED to 16th - 17th July 2021

An Alpine running event in a class of its own

From Ischgl to Galtür – nothing easier than that! Over a three-thousand metre mountain? Already sounds more difficult. But then: on foot, and as fast as possible? So now most of us would probably drop out … not so ardent trail runners and marathon runners. They are now listening attentively! After all, they are aware that this combination can mean just one thing – it’s time to lace up the running shoes again!

On 16th and 17th July 2021, for the ninth time, Silvrettarun 3000 will quite literally bring leisure runners and pro trail runners to the peak of running pleasure. This year too, on four different routes, this challenging trail run takes athletes right through the mountains in Tyrol - from Ischgl to Galtür.

Endorphin kick – views included

Trail enthusiasts can get their endorphin kick over three shorter running distances, while hard-core runners can head to the start of the elite distance. The tough 42 kilometre marathon route takes them right up to the Kronenjoch, which towers above Tyrol at around 3000 metres – from where the Silvrettarun adjunct ‘3000’ is derived.

By way of a reward for these exertions, a total prize fund of 14,000 Euro beckons. And for good measure, the Silvrettarun 3000 is a mountain running cup event – the fastest 25 runners over individual distances will also get points towards the Austrian Mountain Running Cup 2020!

All routes head up … high!

Whether it is the Small, Light, Medium or Hard route – the finest running experience awaits on all four. Top sporting performance, coupled with impressive views? This combination definitely guarantees a decent helping of joyous Alpine moments!

Yet all three route variants have this in common – the start is in Ischgl and the finish is in Galtür. And in between? It is convictions and fitness levels that make the difference. The ‘Small’ variant takes keen leisure-oriented runners over 11.2 kilometres and 306 metres altitude via Mathon and Tschaffein. The 'Light' variant takes participants over 19.36 kilometres and 873 meters altitude via Mathon, Bergli and Larein to Galtür. In contrast, for the ‘Medium’ route there are 29.9 kilometres and 1482 metres altitude through the impressive Fimbatal up to the Ritzenjoch to negotiate. Whereas anyone who wants a very special challenge can choose the ‘Hard’ variant – and take on 42.195 kilometres and 1800 metres altitude, up to the Kronenjoch.

Small, Light, Medium or Hard? Explore the four route variants, and get ready for your mountain adventure!

Finishing together: team and group rankings

Things are more fun together – and that applies to running too of course! As well as the individual rankings, once again at this year’s Silvrettarun 3000 there will be team and group rankings. For the team event, one participant starts a section of each route. The times are then added up at the end and the fastest team will win. And the biggest group will be rewarded in the hiking cup event – irrespective of time and route!

Already thinking about getting together the best team? Find out more about the Team and group competition at the Silvrettarun 3000!

Austrian mountain running cup

The Silvrettarun 3000 counts towards the Austrian mountain running cup!


Run for a good cause:

At the Silvrettarun 3000 you are not just running for yourself – you are also running a little bit for everyone who cannot. For every pro participant, five Euro of the entry fee goes to a charity partner ‘Wings for Life’ and is supporting spinal cord research.

For every participant, € 5.- of the entry fee goes to Wings for Life, a foundation carrying out spinal cord research.