Ski tours in Ischgl Ski tours in Ischgl

Leave your marks in the snow

Ski tours in Ischgl

What are the ingredients for a great ski tour? Stunning panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Pristine ascents and descents where you can leave your marks in the snow. Breath-taking summits that make your heart beat faster. All this and more awaits you at the ski tour paradise of Ischgl in Tyrol! 

Ski tour paradise for winter sports enthusiasts

45 cable cars and lifts ensure that you can move along swiftly on the mountain. But still: You’d rather climb the many snow-covered mountains by the strength of your own muscles? You love to be the first skier to leave his or her marks in the snow and to discover the pristine nature of the Alps? Your skins and skis are always laid out for the next ski tour? Then you’re in the right place in Ischgl. 

You’ll see: There’s no better way to experience nature and the mountains than in Ischgl. The only sound you’ll hear is the snow crunching soothingly beneath your skis. 

Ski tour variety in Ischgl

If you love variety and to experience something new, that’s just what you’ll find in Ischgl. The Silvretta Arena consists of unbelievable 74 three-thousand-metre summits. Many of which are located around Ischgl. They’re some of the most beautiful mountains in Austria and – from November to May – provide plenty of options for ski tourers.

Guided ski tours in Ischgl

You’re a seasoned ski tourer already and want to build on your existing skills? Or you plan on finally familiarising yourself with the sport? Then seek the guidance of an experienced ski tour instructor. Together, you and your certified mountain guide will explore the region surrounding Ischgl and he or she will give you lots of helpful tips and tricks regarding the sport. And you’ll hear some interesting stories about ski touring, too! 

So, what are you waiting for? Leave your marks in the untouched snow and get to know the hidden gems of the Tyrolean Alps – you’ll never forget them! 

Good to know: All those who don’t have ski touring equipment yet can rent it at the ski rentals in Ischgl. Necessary safety equipment, such as avalanche transceivers, shovels, probes, etc. can be rented directly on site from your ski guide. 

Better sooner than later: Book a guided tour for your next holiday in Ischgl right away!


Multi-day ski tours in Ischgl

If a day tour isn’t enough for you to explore the beautiful snowy mountains of Tyrol, you should plan a multi-day tour. You can spend the night at one of the many huts away from the slopes – they’ll offer the kind of comfort ski tourers are looking for. 

To the huts outside of the ski resort Silvretta Arena


5 Tipps for ski tour newbies

There are a few things you bear in mind, so that everything goes to plan on your first ski tour in Ischgl and you can fall head over heels in love with the sport: 

  1. A good plan is key! Especially for ski tourers: Choose your route before the ski tour. Which particularities await you? Which challenges might lie ahead? And how long is the tour going to take you? But most importantly: Did you choose your route based on your level of skill or are you overestimating yourself?
  2. Avalanche check ahead of every tour! Check the current avalanche report ahead of every tour. Especially, if there has been fresh snow on the days before. 
  3. Weather check ahead of every tour! Weather conditions can be very changeable in the mountains. Check the weather report – ahead of every tour. That’s how you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises.
  4. The early ski tourer leaves the marks! The earlier you head out on your ski tour, the grippier the snow is and the fewer kindred spirits will be out there with you! Especially in spring, it’s a good idea to start on your tour before 10 am. But be aware of the closing times of the slopes in the ski area.
  5. Enjoy! Once you have mapped out your route, checked the weather and avalanche reports, and have your equipment ready, it’s time to enjoy your ski tour to the fullest! Finally, you get to make the most of your day and completely relax and unwind. The ascent, the break at the summit and the descent through the powder snow. 

Ski touring in Ischgl is as diverse as you! You’d like to take part in a touring camp or explore the snowy mountain landscape with a guide? Enquire about the next open time slots and start getting excited!