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From the Friedrichshafener hut to the Darmstädter hut

Stage 6: the well-known “Ludwig-Dürr-Weg”

You’d better have plenty of strength and some well-trained muscles! The “Ludwig-Dürr-Weg” packs quite a punch! But if you don’t, there’s also a second – moderately difficult – alternative route. 

Details about the stage from the Friedrichshafener to the Darmstädter hut 

walking time: 6.5 hours / alternative: 7.5 hours
distance: 10 kilometres / alternative: 13 kilometres 
difference in altitude – ascent: 1,150 metres / alternative: 1,480 metres 
difference in altitude – descent: 950 metres / alternative: 1,240 metres 
level of difficulty: difficult / alternative: moderately difficult
options for a stop: Friedrichshafener hut, Darmstädter hut 

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Route: from the Friedrichshafener to the Darmstädter hut 

  • starting point is the Friedrichshafener hut at 2,138 metres above sea level. The first version of the route leads you along the famous (and notorious) “Ludwig-Dürr-Weg”. It’s by far the most challenging trail of the entire Paznaun High Route. The second version is a lot more moderate in terms of difficulty and perfect for less experienced alpinists. 
  • VERSION 1 – via the “Ludwig-Dürr-Weg” to the Darmstädter hut:
  1. the Matnaljoch or the Dürrschartl at 2,670 metres above sea level is about 1.5 hours walking time away from the Friedrichshafener hut
  2. you’ll continue along the signposted trail and across the Schönpleisübergang to the Zwischengrat ridge at 2,770 metres above sea level on a route filled with snow fields and steep passages all the way to the Rautejoch at 2,750 metres above sea level 
  3. once the Darmstädter hut is already within sight, it’ll take you about 1.5 hours to get there – across the foothills of the Küchelferner
  4. Note: for this version, experienced alpinists need ice picks and crampons – even in late summer! Alpine experience and good knowledge of the mountains are obligatory! 
  • VERSION 2 – via the Schafbicheljoch to the Darmstädter hut: 
  1. from the Friedrichshafener hut, you’ll hike to the Schafbicheljoch at 2,636 metres above sea level
  2. descent via the Fasultal valley to the wood bridge of the Fasulbach brook at 1,750 metres above sea level 
  3. at the Apothekerweg (pharmacist’s trail), the hike leads across the Kuchenjoch at 2,384 metres above sea level to the Darmstädter hut. 

Stage details as a download 

Download the route description via GPX Track onto your smartphone or tablet and find out more about stage 6. 

Download: GPX Track Paznaun High Route – all stages
Download: GPX Track Paznaun High Route – stage 6
Checklist Long-distance hiking (PDF-Download)

Interesting facts about stage 6

The “Ludwig-Dürr-Weg” is the most difficult high-alpine part of the Paznaun High Route and is only recommended for experienced alpinists! Please check the current weather conditions ahead of the hike! 

Well-prepared into the hiking adventure! 

You’re ready for the most difficult part of the Paznaun High Route? Then, let’s go! The hiking experts at the tourism office Paznaun-Ischgl will be happy to provide some advice and assistance!