Stage 2/high route Paznaun Stage 2/high route Paznaun

From the Ascher hut to Kappl

Stage 2: a stage all the way through the Untertal valley

Crystal clear mountain lakes, incredible scenic views of the mountains, pristine nature … Stage 2 of the Paznaun High Route is a true gem and leads you all the way through the Untertal valley. 

Details about Stage 2: from the Ascher hut to Kappl 

  • walking time: 8 hours 
  • distance: 21.5 kilometres 
  • difference in altitude – ascent: 920 metres
  • difference in altitude – descent: 2,000 metres
  • level of difficulty: moderate 
  • options for a stop: Ascher hut, Gamperthun Alm hut
  • parking options: parking ground Kappl cable cars, park deck Kappl village, Volksbank parking garage

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Route: from the Ascher hut to Kappl 

  • Start: Ascher hut at 1,256 metres above sea level 
  • along the hut trail towards the mountain station of the 6-people chairlift See 
  • follow the signposted trail to the fork in the route and select the lower one
  • continue on to the Furglertal valley and follow the signpost towards “Masnerjoch” 
  • above the Berglis Wand wall, you’ll reach the Bergli via a high route 
  • follow the signpost “Restaurant” down into the valley until the next fork in the route 
  • up the mountain and past the Fisser hunting lodge, you’ll reach the Stial-Alm hut at 2,050 metres above sea level 
  • after the descent into the Flathtal valley, the last challenging ascent of the tour awaits: towards the Gamperthun Alm hut at 2,070 metres above sea level 
  • past the mountain chapel Gamperthun (along a pasture path), you get to the Grübeletal valley and the “outer” Alm hut 
  • after 500 metres on foot down into the valley, there is a forest road and, later, a panorama trail 
  • return to the forest trail at the signposted fork in the route, then past the Rotweg chapel and, finally, you’ll reach your stage goal: Kappl

Stage details as a download 

Download the route description via GPX Track onto your smartphone or tablet and find out more about stage 2 from the Ascher hut to Kappl. 

Download: GPX Track Paznaun High Route – all stages 
Download: GPX Track Paznaun High Route – stage 1 
Checklist Long-distance hiking (PDF-Download)

Lookout and photo points along the route 

  • Once you reach the Stial-Alm at 2,050 metres above sea level, you should go on the lookout for the Haflinger horses – these pretty horses with fox-coloured fur and blonde manes and tails spend the summer in the mountains. 
  • At the “outer” Alm hut, there is a fork in the road towards Lake Grübelsee. You can reach this crystal-clear mountain lake within 30 minutes on foot. At the lake, there’s also an “inner” Alm hut which is perfect for a little break. 
  • While hiking along the panorama trail, time and again, you’ll have an amazing view of the town of Kappl with its plentiful hamlets. 

Well-prepared for the hiking adventure! 

Are you prepared for stage 2? Appropriate clothing, plenty of food, etc.? In the long-distance hiking checklist, you’ll find lots of helpful tips and advice for your next hike at the Paznaun!  

Before you start tying your hiking boots: Do you have any more questions about stage 2 from the Ascher hut to Kappl? Then contact our holiday experts at the tourism office Paznaun-Ischgl!