Culinary route Heidelberger Hütte

Ischgl right above the church – Fimba walking path – cable car middle station – Boden Alp – Gampen Alp – Fimba Alp – Heidelberger Hut

Of all the valleys in Paznaun, the Fimba Valley is the most important and interesting one with regard to its history and its economic influence. The Fimba Valley extends around 16 kilometres southwest towards the High-Silvretta. The valley’s creek, the Fimbabach, has made its course, a gorge, through the rock – the so called “Kitzloch”. Starting at the church in Ischgl the Fimba hiking trail leads around the Bodenalp (1,842m), the Gampen Alp (1,975m) and the Fimba Alp (2,123m). The meadows around the Boden Alp are considered to be the most wildlife-rich grasslands in the Eastern Alps. The Boden Alp is highly recommended to all of you with a special interest in botany. Above the Gampen Alp you will be able to see white spots, the so called “gesso holes”. The name refers to the former gesso quarry. One of the great local experiences for families is the Fimba Alp, where shepherds still keep around 700-800 cattle.

After a 4-hour hike you will reach the Heidelberger Hut at 2,264m, which is the only German Alpine Association accommodation on Swiss territory. The hut is located in the middle of this stunning landscape at the bottom of the majestic Fluchthorn (3,399m) on the border between Austria and Switzerland. Although being included in the Tyrolean Paznaun, the upper Fimba Valley is actually part of Switzerland, which means that the Swiss alp owners have to make their way over the 2,608 metre high Fimba Pass to get to their Alps.

Well-equipped and experienced mountain climbing enthusiasts will find several hiking trails in Ischgl. Over the Kronenjoch ridge (2,976m) and over the Zahnjoch ridge (2,945m) you can get to the Jamtal Hut and to Galtuer; over the Ritzenjoch ridge (2,687m) to Larein and Mathon and over the Fimba Pass (2,608) to Val Sinestra and to Sent in Unterengadin.

Every year the Heidelberger Hut serves as a milestone for thousands of transalpine mountain bikers on their way over the Fimba Pass to Engadin. The Mountain bikers can use the steep asphalt ascent alongside the Fimba Creek or choose the cable car to the middle station. The asphalt path from the middle station is much flatter and leads to the Boden Alp and onwards on a gravel track to the Heidelberger Hut. For the descent you can mountain bike on nice trails to the left of the Fimba Creek.

Alternative Ascent:

Ascent with Silvretta Cable Car to intermediate station (please the opening hous and rates of the Silvretta Seilbahn (Benefits with Silvretta Card)

Ascent with hut taxi:

  • For advance reservations call +43 664 4253070

Alternative Hiking Paths:

Enjoy a hiking trip in Ischgl on the panoramic path
Cable car to Idalpe – chair lift to the Idjoch ridge – on the Greitspitze to Zeblajoch ridge – on Val Gronda to Heidelberger Hut (hiking time 4 hours) 

Indulgence hike from Mathon to Larain Alp
Mathon – underpass at the Glöckner Inn – Nederli – Wildpark – Larain Alp – Ritzenjoch ridge – Heidelberger Hut (hiking time 5 to 5½ hours)

Car park:

  • Silvretta cable car Ischgl (free car park)

Track length:

  • 27 km round trip
  • Peak: 2,264m
  • Valley: 1,377m
  • Total altitude: 900m


  • 1 hour to middle station
  • 2 hours to Boden Alp
  • 4 hours to Heidelberger Hut 
  • Difficulty level: Red: moderate tour


Dates of operation:

  • mid of June to mid of September 2020