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Benefits at a glance:

  • No personal data needs to be provided in order to use the app
  • No location data is used and recorded
  • Low battery usage (Bluetooth low energy)
  • Free of charge


Stopp Corona App

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Frequently Asked Questions


Because, the app makes it much easier to track who an infected person has been in contact with.

In retrospect, it is often difficult to find out, with whom a person has been in contact with after their infection with coronavirus. Consequently precious time is lost, as in between the infection and the appearance of symptoms days may elapse and the infection will go unnoticed until that point. This means that all people, who have been in contact with an infected person, can carry the virus themselves and therefore endanger others. The app makes it considerably easier to trace the contacts of infected people. This buys us time, those potentially infected can react more quickly and as a result, the chain of infection is broken much earlier

Data protection is a major concern for the Red Cross.

No personal data needs to be provided in order to use the app.

The contacts of the user will only be stored on their device. You are inaccessible to the Red Cross and no conclusions can be drawn from encounters. If you report yourself as ill, we will ask for your mobile phone number and send you a TAN as confirmation. In case of an infection, all people in the contact chain will receive an anonymous message. Personal data, such as the name or mobile phone number of those infected will therefore not be passed on.

The report on the Stopp Corona App from Epicenter. Works, NOYB and SBA-Research revealed a very positive result, with respect to the compliance with requirements for the highest level of data protection. The recommendations formulated in the report have largely been implemented. Information about this implementation can be found in the data protection impact assessment for the Stopp Corona App.

When two mobile phones are close to one another, a digital handshake is carried out via Bluetooth. If a saved anonymous contact reports corona symptoms or an infection in the next three days, the app checks whether you have been in close contact with this device for more than 15 minutes.

In the testing phase, we established that there is no increased battery usage when using the Stopp Corona App.  

For the automatic handshake the technology “Bluetooth Low Energy” is used. In principle, although increased battery usage is always possible for apps, it was not noticed in the Stopp Corona testing phase.



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