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E-bike rides in Ischgl: with some tailwind up into the mountains

E-bikes are a trend – and, of course, Ischgl wants to be among the trendsetters, too. Especially, since e-bikes make it possible for riders of every level of skill to have some unique and incredible mountain experiences. 

Ischgl is amongst the highest e-bike destinations in Europe and offers a myriad of stunning panoramic routes. There are 37 mountain bike and bike routes and a lot of them are suitable for e-bikes as well. Whether you want to go on a casual ride from hut to hut or are looking for challenges of several hours up to the surrounding summits: Ischgl offers something for everyone when it comes to e-mountain biking. 

Tip: For even more e-biking variety, check out the surrounding towns of Galtür, Kappl and See! 

E-bike routes in and around Ischgl 

Lareinalm hut (1,851 metres above sea level) 

The Larein valley is located between Ischgl and Galtür. The route leads along a calm and quiet – slightly secluded – trail and is particularly enticing for e-bike riders. 

Length: 22.5 kilometres
Difference in altitude: 637 metres
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours 

Starting in Ischgl, this route initially leads you along the valley trail Paznaun all the way to Mathon. Then, you’re biking through the forest and along the Lareinbach brook – going moderately upwards to 1,860 metres above sea level on a gravel trail. The Lareinalm hut is only farmed in the summer months and the only building in the area far and wide. 

After a little snack at the hut, you can decide for yourself if you would like to explore the enticing Lareintal valley some more or if you’d rather just go back down to the valley. Always at your side: the incredible panoramic views of the impressive Larein. 

On the way back, you’ll pass the picturesque Stafali pond, then the wildlife park Mathon and, finally, you’ll get to bike along the valley trail back to Ischgl. 

Kops reservoir (1,853 metres above sea level) 

The route around the Kops reservoir is moderately difficult with its 700 metres of difference in altitude. But it’s a fun panoramic route with only a few gentle inclines along the way.

Length: 38.5 kilometres 
Difference in altitude: 714 metres 
Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours  

First, you’ll bike along some valley and panoramic trails to Galtür and, from there, past Lake Zeinissee towards your destination: the Kops reservoir at 1,830 metres above sea level. It’s certainly one of THE most beautiful places at the Paznaun! The intense blue of the lake and the surrounding 3,000 metre summits round off this e-bike adventure. 

A tour around the picturesque lake starts on a gravel road which turns into a trail. This trail is primarily flat and, hence, easy to ride on. Afterwards, the alpine inn Zeinisjoch right at Lake Zeinissee is the perfect location for a little “pit-stop” with a stunning view of the mountains. 

The way back leads you – at the other side of the valley – along the other side of the Kops reservoir. Truly a dream route with plenty of landscape highlights! 

Friedrichshafener hut (2,152 metres above sea level) 

The e-bike route leads you up to 700 metres above Mathon. The Friedrichshafener hut is a building made of natural stone and the restaurant has a panorama terrace with an amazing view over Ischgl and the Paznaun. 

Length: 23.5 kilometres 
Difference in altitude: 825 metres 
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours 

The view from the Friedrichshafener hut into the Southern Silvretta range is breath-taking! But even during your ascent with the e-bike, views of the surrounding summits will motivate you to keep pedalling. Whoever made it up the long, windy road with lots of serpentines gets to look forward to a “Marend” (a hearty snack) and an incredible view. The way back is the same as the one there – first, towards Mathon and then back to Ischgl. 

Jamtal valley route (2,164 metres above sea level) 

40 kilometres, almost 900 metres of difference in altitude and some stunning scenic views: the Jamtal valley tour is a one-of-a-kind e-bike experience! 

Length: 40 kilometres 
Difference in altitude: 880 metres 
Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours 

Starting in Ischgl, you’ll ride past the wildlife park and the forest chapel all the way to Galtür. Then, you’ll enter the Jamtal valley. And now, you’ll always have something to admire with the posterior and anterior Jamtalspitze and the Jamtalferner mountains glittering in the sun in front of you. 

However, this route can’t be considered “a casual ride”! Because with almost 900 metres of difference in altitude, you’ll have to be smart with rationing out your strength and battery power. A short ascent with 17 per cent gradient right before you reach the hut requires some stamina. But once you’ve made it there, the Jamtal hut awaits you with a great “pit-stop” location before you head back down to Ischgl – this time, a lot more casually. 

Heidelberger hut (2,273 metres above sea level) 

The Heidelberger hut is one of the most popular bike destinations in Ischgl and perfect for conditioned mountain bike riders as well. 

Length: 27.5 kilometres 
Difference in altitude: 940 
Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours 

Hundreds of transalp bikers ride up to the Heidelberger hut from Ischgl every day during the summer months. From this hut, you can reach the Engadin via the Fimberpass. First, you take the cable car up to the intermediate station of the Palinkopf. On asphalt, you can bike to the Bodenalpe and, continuing on gravel, to the Heidelberger hut. By the way, it’s located on Swiss ground! Your constant companion: the incredible view of the massive Fluchthorn. After a break, you can head back down to Ischgl on asphalt and gravel. 

Diasalpe hut (1,894 metres above sea level) 

This e-bike tour at the southern slopes of the Verwall mountain range is an absolute treat – especially in spring when the pastures are blooming and on warm autumn days. 

Length: 29.5 kilometres
Difference in altitude: 1,009 metres 
Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours 

Starting in Ischgl, you’ll take the valley trail to Kappl. It leads you through some hamlets and is perfect as a warm-up. Then you’ll pedal along on asphalt and, later, on gravel up to the Diasalpe. It sits above Kappl at almost 1,900 metres above sea level – and it’s the perfect location to fuel up after an exhausting ascent! On the way back, you’ll ride over gravel back towards Ischgl. 

Tip: Because there’s no shade anywhere along the route, you should avoid it on hot summer days and days with clear blue skies!

E-bike pleasure in Austria starts in Ischgl! 

Simply bring your e-bike along in one of the cable cars and take it to your favourite spot in the mountains. Good to know: The electric bikes are transported everywhere at the Paznaun with the exception of the cable cars in Kappl. Transporting them by bus is not permitted because of their heavy weight. 

The team at the tourism office Paznaun-Ischgl will be happy to assist you in booking your next mountain bike holiday! They’ll have plenty of insider’s tips about routes, huts and accommodation options for you as well.

E-bike rentals in Ischgl 

With e-bikes (also called “Pedelecs”), you’ll always have some tailwind even during steep ascents or long day tours. An in-built drive unit supports your own pedalling efforts during every pedal stroke. In Ischgl, there are two teams of experts that’ll gladly help you with selecting the perfect bike. 

You’ll receive more information about the various e-bike models directly on site where you can rent them as well!