Running & trail running in Ischgl Running & trail running in Ischgl

Running paradise Paznaun: 200 kilometres and 11 routes

Running & trail running in Ischgl

Leaving your everyday life behind and working off some energy: running has a lot of different facets! So you can pursue your running passion while on holiday as well, you’ll find the best conditions for some athletic hours in the mountains in Ischgl. Talking about mountains: Ischgl doesn’t only have challenging alpine routes but a lot of (almost) completely flat terrain for joggers, too. And trail runners are bound to get their money’s worth at the Paznaun anyway. 

Did you know? The altitude in Ischgl takes a bit of acclimatisation but later on has a beneficial effect on well being and aerobic capacity. Perfect when it comes to training for an important running event! 

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Running & trail running routes in Ischgl

Valley route through the Paznaun - 30 km

Characteristics & trail conditions 
Long and exhausting routes from the entrance to the valley, passing See, Kappl and Ischgl all the way to Galtür at approx. 1,600 metres above sea level. The route runs along the valley hiking trail on asphalt, gravel and forest roads. On the valley trail, you are covering a distance of 30 kilometres and about 800 metres of difference in altitude – it’s a constant ascent. So, aerobic endurance and running experience are definitely an advantage on this challenging running route. 

Valley station of the Bergbahnen See cable cars – valley trail – Sesselebene – Kappl village – Versahl – Ischgl – Mathon – Tschaffein – village square Galtür

Tip: To significantly reduce the number of metres in altitude covered, just turn the route around and run from Galtür to See. 

The Ischgl 10-er - 10 kilometres

Characteristics & trail conditions 
Panorama round at the Talboden along the river Trisanna on relatively flat terrain. From Ischgl to Mathon, there is constantly a slight ascent. Until Mathon, you’ll primarily run on asphalt and then back to Ischgl on gravel and forest trails. 

Valley station Silvrettabahn cable car – town of Paznaun – recycling yard – gallery passage to Mathon – back via the valley and Mathias Schmid trails 

Half marathon Paznaun – 21 kilometres 

Characteristics & trail conditions
The almost exact half marathon distance and juicy 380 metres of difference in altitude make the half marathon Paznaun a challenge even for conditioned athletes. Just like the 10-er, you’ll start by running on asphalt along the river Trisanna towards Mathon. After a short forest passage between Valzur and Piel, you’ll run along the panorama trail towards Galtür. Time and again, you’ll have a stunning view of Galtür’s local mountains: Gorfenspitze & Ballunspitze! The almost 400 metres of difference in altitude are way more fun on the way back down to Ischgl. You’ll mostly run on asphalt, forest and gravel roads. 

Valley station of the Silvrettabahn cable car – recycling yard – gallery passage to Mathon – Piel – Außertschaffein – panorama trail Galtür – Tschaffein – wildlife park Mathon – back via the valley and Mathias Schmid trails

Silvretta Run Small – 11 kilometres

The small version of the Silvrettarun is perfect for all those who want to gradually work their way up to running the full distance. On this route, you have to cover a distance of 11 kilometres and about 200 metres of difference in altitude on forest and gravel trails. The terrain is never too steep yet still challenging in terms of aerobic endurance. It leads from Ischgl via Mathon and Tschaffein to Galtür at almost 1,600 metres above sea level. 

Ischgl Silvretta parking ground – Stöckwald trail – poachers’ hut Mathon – Galtür – sports & cultural centre 

Silvretta Run Medium – 30 kilometres

Characteristics & trail conditions 
The medium version of the Silvrettarun makes you cover a difference in altitude of – believe it or not – 1,412 metres and a distance of 30 kilometres. The route leads you from Ischgl into the Fimbatal valley – first on asphalt and then on gravel. Approximately half way, you’ll reach the Heidelberger hut. Then, there’s a steep ascent on a narrow path to the Ritzenjoch. You’ll run downwards over coarse gravel and boulders and eventually continue on a partially narrow trail. The very last section – the way to Galtür via the Larein Alm – is a lot easier. But still: this route is only recommended for runners with alpine experience! 

Ischgl Silvretta parking ground – intermediate station Fimbabahn cable car – Heidelberger hut – Ritzenjoch – Larainalpe – Galtür 

Silvrettarun hard – 43 kilometres 

Characteristics & trail conditions 
When it comes to this version of the Silvrettarun, the name says it all! We’re talking about an amazing distance of 43,4 kilometres and extremely hard 1,821 metres of difference in altitude – that’s certainly no walk in the park! Just like the medium version, this route starts in Ischgl and leads you to the Heidelberger hut. But that’s only the “warm-up” before you’ll run across the Kronenjoch – at 3,000 metres above sea level – towards the Jamtal hut. From this hut onwards, the trail to Galtür becomes almost flat again. Same as with the medium run: this route is only suited for well-conditioned athletes with plenty of alpine experience! 

Ischgl Silvretta parking ground – intermediate station Fimbabahn cable car – Heidelberger hut – Kronenjoch – Jamtal hut – Galtür 

1,000 metres in altitude run –8,1 kilometres 

Characteristics & trail conditions 
Extremely ruthless route to the legendary Idalp. A whopping 1,000 metres of difference in altitude have to be surmounted starting in Ischgl. An average gradient of 14 per cent as well as a few passages with up to 37 per cent are going to push you to the limit. Back down into the valley, you can take the Silvrettabahn or Fimbabahn cable cars (free of charge if you have the Silvretta Card all inclusive). The route initially leads over asphalt and later on over forest and hiking trails as well as across some spectacular suspension bridges up to the Idalp. 

Valley station Silvrettabahn cable car – suspension bridges – intermediate station – adventure park Vider Truja – Idalp 

THE running event in Ischgl: the Silvrettarun 3000 

When they hear the call of the mountains, passionate trail runners, marathon runners and alpine sports enthusiasts answer – and come to the running event of the year in Ischgl. The Silvrettarun 3000 is one of the most challenging running competitions in Austria and pushes even experienced athletes to their limits. But no worries: the routes have levels of difficulty from small to medium and hard – so you can choose the one that’s right for you! 

On July 13 and 14, 2018, the Silvrettarun 300 takes place for the 17th time. 

Passionate runners are sure to find their favourite route in Ischgl! The team at the tourism office Paznaun-Ischgl will be happy to give you some insider’s tips!

Characteristics & Route outline

19 kilometres, some 600 metres altitude and superb views to the impressive Jamtal glacier. The mountain run to the Jamtalhütte at 2165m is a real panorama tour for fit runners. From Galtür  to Menta Alm the route proceeds on asphalt, before the gravel trail up to the alpine lodge begins. Those for whom this circuit is too challenging can of course also cut it short and take a break at one of the refreshment stations.

Route outline

Galtür village square – to Jamtal – Menta Alm – Scheiben Alm – Jamtalhütte – same route back

Characteristics & route outline

The Silvretta Card all-inclusive entitles you to a toll-free journey by car or bus to the Bielerhöhe. The relatively flat route around Silvretta reservoir is suitable for those running at such altitudes for the first-time. Even when it is hot this tour is very suitable due to the altitude location at over 2000m. The views to the nearby Großer Piz Buin, 3312m, and the summits of the ‘Blue Silvretta’ are ideal motivators. This route is run on gravel.

Route outline

Piz Buin mountain lodge on the Bielerhöhe – circuit around Silvretta reservoir –Piz Buin mountain lodge

Characteristics & Route conditions

This mountain run which covers 623m altitude is a total of 11.5km in length; the first section proceeds on asphalt, before a forest trail leads in switchbacks up to the Diasalpe. The route proceeds through a small hamlet and also pas the original alpine inns before heading through the forest again, down to Kappl.

Route outline

Kappl village square - Diasbach – Hof – forest trail to Dias – Alpengasthof Dias – via Egg back to Kappl