improve your technique

Cornering & wheelie coaching

When motorcycling, one thing above all takes top priority: absolute safety. Professional cornering or wheelie coaching gives you the opportunity to improve your technique and thus gain even more control of your motorbike.

Cornering training

The FM training is a successful program with experience over years to reduce fears, to expand your own horizons and to stop your motorcycle safely during drive around curves. The specially developed, crash-proof motorcycles enable us to really see the limits of man and machine without danger. During the day we reach three goals: experiencing maximum angle, braking in maximum angle, driving on wet ground in maximum angle.

Wheelie training

After this training, you drive relaxed and cool on the rear wheel. Explore the world of Moto-Freestyle and secure you the admiration of your friends. By the way, you‘ll improve the handling of your own motorbike. At the beginning we will start on the wheelie simulator. There you get the sensitivity and you learn the necessary know-how. Afterwards we start our training with the special motorcycles! During the day we reach three goals: Training with the wheelie simulator, Lift the front wheel, Drive on the rear wheel with a special motorcycle with wheelie bar.

  • Duration: 08.00 am - 04.00 pm
  • Dates: August 24th | 25th 2019 + September 21st | 22nd 2019
  • Registration: Web:, E-Mail:
  • Costs: € 290,-