Skyfly zipline

Questions & answers about the zipline in Ischgl


Ischgl Skyfly (10.00 am – 04.00 pm)
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The following people are prohibited from using the SKYFLY facility: 

  • people less than 1.2 metres tall 
  • children under the age of 8
  • children under the age of 10 without being accompanied by a parent / legal guardian 
  • children under the age of 14 without a declaration of consent by a parent / legal guardian
  • people with a bodyweight of less than 32 kilograms
  • people with a bodyweight of more than 125 kilograms


  • with spinal and joint problems 
  • with heart disease, strong circulatory insufficiency or high blood pressure 
  • with pacemakers and other life-sustaining devices 
  • with obvious physical or psychological problems
  • who are pregnant 
  • who have had an eye surgery recently 
  • who suffer from diseases that could get worse by using the SKYFLY
  • who are under medical treatment or should not do any sports because of their ailments and / or are limited by them during their everyday lives (when in doubt, please contact your doctor) 
  • who have physical disabilities that don’t allow for them to be secured properly by the safety harness or who are limited in their capacity of movement (stability, emergency descent, etc.) 
  • blind people without a qualified, authorised accompanying person
  • people who do not follow the instructions of the personnel 
  • people under the influence of drugs and alcohol, medication, etc. 
  • people with insufficient vision or whose glasses might come off while using the SKYFLY

Children over the age of 8 who are taller than 1.2 metres and weigh more than 32 kilograms are allowed to use the facility if accompanied by a parent. 

You can buy tickets at the online shop or purchase them directly on site at the intermediate station of the Silvrettabahn cable car. 

Items that are loosely hanging away from the body such as scarves, bands, ribbons, loose belts, loose jackets or sweaters, backpacks and handbags can not be brought along onto the SkyFly. However, they can be stowed away in your clothing if that is a safe option. 

In general, no. BUT: in winter, if you are transporting your skis – wearing a helmet is obligatory! You may rent one on site. 

Yes, skis or snowboards can be transported on the SKYFLY – safely strapped to your back. 

The zipline can only be used if you are wearing closed, sturdy shoes with slip-resistant soles. 

Yes, the ascent is to the middle station Silvrettabahn A1 is included in the price of EUR 39,00 or EUR 25,00 respectively. 


People who wear glasses need to make sure that they won’t come off while using the SkyFly. If necessary, please secure them with a rubber band. 

Yes, that’s possible. 

The flight takes about three minutes total. 

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